Property flipping and subrime are back..and so is Housing Bubble 2.0.  New Housing crash on the way in 2015?




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USA: Nationwide
Median Home Price
30-Year History:
(includes new homes and resale)
Source N.A.R.
see chart

2010  $183,700* 
(*as of May 2010)
 2009  $177,900

 2008  $183,300
 2006  $221,900
2005  $219,000
2004  $195,200
 2003  $180,200
 2002  $167,600
 2001  $156,600
 2000  $147,300
 1999  $141,200
 1998  $136,000
 1997  $129,000
 1996  $122,600
 1995  $117,000
 1994  $113,500
 1993  $109,100
 1992  $105,500
 1991  $102,700
 1990   $97,300
 1989   $94,600
 1988   $89,300
 1987   $85,600
 1986   $80,300
 1985   $75,500
 1984   $72,400
 1983   $70,300
 1982   $67,800
 1981   $66,400
 1980   $62,200
 1979   $55,700
 1978   $48,700
 1977   $42,900
 1076   $38,100
 1975   $35,300
 1974   $32,000
 1973   $28,900
 1972   $26,700
 1971   $24,800
 1970   $23,000
 1969   $21,800
 1968   $20,100

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Latest Real Estate News
03 - 20 - 2014
Housing prices surpass bubble peak in some Southland ZIP Codes
Mortgage Slaves and the new United States housing bubble 2014!  Keiser Report
US Banks' $75 Billion Payout at Stake in Fed Tests
Will House Prices Rise in 2014?


Federal Reserve lays groundwork for first interest rate hike
Wells Fargo foreclosure manual under fire
DC Lawmakers Advance Bill To Limit Tax Lien Foreclosures
14 US Housing Markets Struggling With Foreclosures
Big Investors Boosting Home Prices, And Not Everyone's Pleased
Coming Real Estate Bubble
Have we learned anything from the housing crash?
Signs of the times: A new generation of property flippers
4 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate
9 - 18 - 2013

New Plan To Bail Out Underwater Mortgages Has Banks Panicked


US bank chief pleads guilty to using bailout cash to buy home


Bank stocks have roared back to life


People worried about rising prices are buying homes


California home sales reach August high, prices roughly flat from July


As Fed 'taper' looms, so do market surprises?


States with the biggest drops in foreclosures


Family Current On Its Mortgage Had House Sold In Foreclosure


housing bubble
We're in another housing bubble, data show


After Las Vegas's Housing Crash, Fraud, Ferraris, and Gun Fights


A US Housing Crash Is Already Starting


Why There's Trouble Ahead for the Housing Market


Metro Detroit home prices rise by double digits again in June


Just a year since the U.S. housing market hit bottom after the biggest plunge in eight decades, signs of excess are re-emerging
Brooklyn to California Bubble Threat Grows in Housing


Home Prices Growing At Pre-Bubble Rates On Bernanke Boost, But Big Shadow Inventory Lurks


Housing values drive spending


Cleveland: Ground zero for the housing bubble



The Fed's $1 Trillion Bailout . . . of Foreign Banks


Europe's Banks Turn to U.S. Subprime For Salvation


US Government Of, By, and For The Banks


US Housing Market Important Data that Financial Media Ignored


Fed hawks call for retreat from mortgage stimulus


Will ending Fed stimulus hurt housing?


Bankers: College debt bubble mimics housing bubble


Credit Conditions For Housing Continue To Tighten


Constitutionality question in Colorado foreclosures remains open


State battles foreclosures with mortgage settlement funds


 Investors Spread Their Housing Bets

New home prices touch record high

Sales of new homes rose in April to the second highest level since the summer of 2008 while the median price for a new home hit a record high ...

Signs of new housing bubble in several areas


10 Cities Where Housing Bubbles May Be Forming


Housing Prices Jump Again…and Wall Street May Be Playing a Role


Next home $ crisis

The seeds of the next housing crisis are being sown this spring, according to a former chief credit officer at Fannie Mae. Despite the green ...



News & Views: Investors, flippers outbid first-time homebuyers


Real estate agent held for robbing neighbours

Houston 'pastor' charged in real estate investment scheme

May 1 2013
Will The New Housing Bubble That Bernanke Is Creating End As Badly As The Last One Did?
Another Housing Collapse Is Coming Soon - Business Insider

Obama Puts Fox In Charge Of Fannie, Freddie Henhouse


Stockman: The Fed Is a 'Central Bank Gone Crazy' - The Fiscal Times

SHILLER: House Prices Will Be Flat For 10 Years - Business Insider

Renters rally for protections from


Home prices rise at highest rate in 7 years


The Second U.S. Housing Bubble Continues to Inflate

March 2013
House of Cards - How the Fed and FHA are Feeding a New Housing Bubble in 2013

Investors Pile Into Housing, This Time as Landlords


Data Week: Home Sales, Construction Expected to Rise


Home Value Highest Since '07 as U.S. Houses Make Cash: Mortgages


US housing market boost from Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is likely to keep pumping billions of dollars a month into the US economy after a two day meeting in Washington. The aim ...

The Federal Reserve is Hurting Your Savings Account: Gary Shilling


New US Housing Boom Develops


The Housing Bubble Is Back


Cyprus And The Eurozone Bank Bailout Hypocrisy


Bidding wars breaking out in Sacramento's housing market


Are We Witnessing Another Housing Bubble In The U.S.?


Real estate agent arrested on charges of using clients' funds flipping homes


Real estate agent accused of stealing from homeowner


Real estate agents arrested for drug offences at leased properties

February 2013
Tangled in Housing Bust, FHA Seeks a Hand

Obama, Housing and the Next Big Heist


The US Federal Reserve bailout of Europe: Who knew

In January alone, the Federal reserve handed European banks $228 ... housing permits issued in the entire country in November of 2012.
Washington Times

Florida Claims Top Foreclosure State From California


12 Cities Where Home Prices Have Fallen Most


Detroit median home prices had third highest rise in the country


This Is Housing Bubble 2.0


Housing Market Already Shows Signs of a New Bubble

Housing Bubble Threat Means Sell These Stocks


Subprime Is Back: Will This End Badly?


Luxury House Flippers Flock to California, Sales


Is the low interest rate party over?


The Biggest Housing Bubble in the World Is in ... Canada?

The Atlantic

Is the Housing Bubble Back?


Big banks to review complaints alleging illegal foreclosures



Days Before Housing Bust, Fed Doubted Need to Act


Why Home Depot And Lowe's Sales Will Heat Up In 2013


California housing recovery may gain momentum?

October 3, 2012

What Is The Federal Reserve Hiding?

 The Federal Reserve played a major role in creating the housing bubble which severely damaged our financial system a few years ago.

New York Firm to Buy Fannie Foreclosures


Debt Dip Spells Housing Gain


How foreclosures ate America: Incredible interactive map


Supreme Court gives banks foreclosure win


What About Canada's Housing Bubble?


ROSENBERG: There's Another Bubble Keeping Buyers Out Of The US Housing Market


Housing prices: Are short sales in danger?


Why Ben Bernanke Is Setting The Stage For Another Housing Crash ...


Is the Fiscal Cliff the Biggest Threat to Housing Market Recovery?


Housing Market Gets Another Blow: New Homes, Old Meth-labs?


Home Flipping is Back!

September 7, 2012
WELLS FARGO Loses All Of Retired Couple's Possessions After Mistakenly Foreclosing Home...

2nd week for falling mortgage rates


How to know a home-sale listing is deceiving you


Calif. home prices jump 6%


Phoenix-area home-price dip called a 'natural reaction'


Housing Crisis Turns Some Ex-Homeowners Into Lifelong Renters

September 4, 2012
obama-wall-street-puppetRomney: Nevada housing crisis shows Obama Failures

Obama to Blame for Housing Bust? 
President Pushed for Subprime Loans to Blacks!
Removing short sale, foreclosure from credit report possible
Occupy activists paint picket fence to spotlight foreclosure crisis
Riskiest Real Estate Markets for Investors
Foreclosure sales fall, lenders favoring short sales
The Truth About Home Values In A Realtor Real Estate Report
How to challenge your property tax assessment -- a step-by-step guide
Why Home Prices Are Rising: The 'Distressed Share'
Citigroup Reaches Settlement in Class Action over Home-Equity Loans
Higher Home Prices Are Bailing Out Underwater Homeowners
BofA lags in modifying loans under settlement
2012: The Year Of The Housing Recovery, Part III
Builder Stocks Gain As Demand For Homes, Prices Rise
August 28, 2012

Housing Prices Have a New Cliff to Climb


SF home prices are fastest rising in the nation


Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse looms


FHA: A Huge Risk To Your mREIT Investment?


FHA's 30x leverage on mortgages is creating a new "subprime" market


Mortgage Interest Rates Climb for 4th Week in Row


The Banks Are Dictating the Housing Market


Housing headaches in swing states emerge as campaign issue


Ma Barker's reportedly haunted house for sale


3 Reasons Mortgage Rates Are Rising


Analyst: Housing's bottom still faces risks


Buying a home? Why closing costs are your best bargaining chip.


Is At a Bottom: Zillow CEO

August 26, 2012
BofA to Donate Thousand Homes to Vets, First Responders
Bank of America has committed to provide 1,000 homes over a three year period to local agencies and non-profit organizations working with...
Mortgage Rates Pause Their Rapid Descent Ahead Of Uncertain Week

Paul Ryan voted for the bailouts


Falling house values leaving second-time buyers unable to step up


Housing's Latest Help: Underwater Mortgages Falling


US home sales match two-year high, raising housing hopes


More Foreclosures in a Community Means Lower Voter Turnout ...


Home Prices Rise for 5th Straight Month; Up 9.4% Annually


Gold Could Soar When Canadian Housing Bubble Bursts


Housing Market Shifting Into Dangerous Equilibrium

August 16, 2012

Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent
Financial Collapse


More modest home price increases for Los Angeles

. .
Case-Shiller Composite Home Price Index:Down Year Over Year

"Case-Shiller Home Price Index: Composite 20 is at a current level of 139.93, up from 138.67 last month and down from 140.88 one year ago. This is a change of 0.91% from last month and -0.67% from one year ago."

How to fight robo-debt collectors

The Bernanke Clifffinancial-cliff

Planets Align for Stock Market Crash - David Zeiler. 6. .... If interest rates just rise to their historic averages, the interest on our debt (depending on the level of economic growth and tax receipts) will absorb anywhere from 30-50% of total Federal
America's Alleged Economic Recovery Is Slower Than Japan's During Its Lost Decade


Foreclosure Woes Of The Rich And Famous
In the past year, Terrel Owens has faced foreclosure on not one, but five homes around the country....

August 12, 2012

Free lending enables foreclosure crisis


Chicago unemployment meets lower home prices and higher apartment rents


Mortgage delinquencies rose in second quarter, trade group says


Fannie And Freddie To Underwater Homeowners: No Mortgage Reductions For You

Facing foreclosure? Rent your home from the bank


California County Weighs Drastic Plan to Aid Homeowners


Romney backers leery of Ron Paul effort to audit the Fed

July 26, 2012
Expert: New Housing Crash Coming in 2013

Housing market bottoms; first price increase in 5 years: Zillow

Zillow's Bottom Call On The Housing Market: Don't Get Too Excited Yet

Now It's the Big Banks That Are Getting Foreclosed On

Since the start of the housing crash, millions of Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure. Many of them lived in homeowner or condo associations.

Facing Mortgage Challenges? A Message of Real Hope

House passes Ron Paul's 'audit the Fed' bill

Economy sends mortgage rates down further


New-home sales take biggest drop in a year

Home Sales in U.S. Hostage to Holders of Junior Liens: Mortgages


Judge orders HOA insurance company to pay family $20000


Claims of a housing rebound premature?

Cities where homes cost less than a car
Detroit, MI: Median home price $21,000.00
Comparably priced car: Chevy Malibu ($21,000)
July 18, 2012


Calif. cities eye plan to seize mortgages


Housing Collapse Linked To Increase In Child Abuse: Study


A Foregone Foreclosure

homeowners are getting evicted while the banks foreclosing on their properties are receiving government help.
New York Times

City Sues U.S. Bank Over Blighted Foreclosures



So. Calif. home prices match two-year high in June

Another View: Middle class bears biggest burden from housing crash


meth house
Family discovers its home was a meth lab


LA County real estate agent arrested for fraud


America's Emptiest Cities


US Home Prices Fall at Slowest Pace Since '10

July, 16, 2012
HOA: Good or Bad?  Homeowners Associations Exposed!

The Next Housing Bust: FHA Going Under?


Foreclosures loom on horizon as banks begin a countdown

Just as we're heading into the mid-summer campaign season there are key indicators that banks are “increasingly placing homes with unpaid ...
Brainerd Daily Dispatch

New Back Tax Foreclosure Crisis


More homes in US face foreclosure risk in June


Audit the Fed Bill Advances in House


What Recovery? Home Prices May Hit Roadblock Soon


Home Prices Expected to Hit Bottom by 2013


Apartment complex HOA sues tenants who were misplaced by fire


Homeowner wants money after beating HOA in court


Here Comes the Catch in Home Equity Loans

Expert: New Housing Crash Coming in 2013
The darker side of real estate industry exposed
HOA: Good or Bad?  Homeowners Associations Exposed!

Property owners pay to 'settle' schools' tax-value appeals

July, 9, 2012

Why Home Prices Are Rising Again (According to Case-Shiller)


Audit the Fed Bill Advances in House


7 Reasons the Fed Should Raise Interest Rates…

Homeowner Assistance Program could help...

Homeowners could sue lenders under new bill of rights

4 more HOAs sued over collection costs deemed improper

No limit on how high HOA dues can go

Property Values Drop In San Diego County

Mortgage rates smash old record

Celebrity real estate: Benning and Beatty, Ne-Yo

Your house is blocking my view ... here's $4.2 million
Homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area wanted to see the water and the Golden Gate Bridge from their house...

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Bank of America Blasted by Court for Failing Mortgage Modification

Big banks craft 'living wills' in case they fail

Bay Area home sales hit 6-year-high, $400000 median price

Real Estate agent advertises house as 'Not Haunted'

US Stocks Rise after Home Prices Fall Less Than Expected


Home prices rise in 'glamour cities,' including SF

New Survey: The Housing Bottom Is Closer Than Ever

Mortgage rules to sink home prices, deter use of houses 'as ATMs'

June 12, 2012

Foreclosure sales jump in California

Why Aren't There More Homes for Sale?

FHA Set to Increase Foreclosure Sales to Investors

Wealth of US families tumbles

Shortage of homes for sale creates fierce competition


Has the Real Estate Market Turned Your Neighborhood Into a Slum?

Fed's Evans Says Low Rates Should Have Created Refinancing Boom

China's Housing Bubble Deflating

Average Mortgage Application Fees up by 20% Since 2009

Repay Student Loan With Cash-Out Mortgage?

Friday, June 8, 2012

SF, others seek temporary halt in foreclosures

2 families now suffering after HOA foreclosure in Orlando

Low, Stable Housing Prices: What's Not to Like?

Risks, rewards of buying foreclosures

How The Housing Industry Affects Students' Future

The Smart Way to Play the Housing Market

Real Estate Agent Arrested After Attack On Sex Worker

Thursday, June 6, 2012

5 ways homebuyers are kept in the dark
"Unfortunately, some real-estate pros profit at your expense. Here are 5 murky areas to be wary of when buying a home, and 21 tips for exposing them to light"

The darker side of real estate industry exposed
Gay Couple Claims Discrimination Over Home Loan Denial
San Diego Housing Market Turns from Buyers to Sellers Market Overnight

Is the Fed getting bullish on housing?

Eliminating property taxes; Bill gets consideration by House committee

Realtors launch Capitol Hill lobbying blitz

Seattle Real Estate Roaring: House Prices Rise 10.5%, Condos ..

Home Prices Stall, Breaking Three-Month Streak of Rising Prices

After housing crash, some banks become landlords

Hitting rock bottom: Housing crash spawns dirt cheap sales

Corrupt Realtor: real estate agent arrested in $20 million Ponzi scheme

Is the Fed getting bullish on housing?

Fannie Mae appoints new CEO

Thursday, May 3, 2012
Why Your Student Debt Will Keep Housing Prices From Rebounding For a Generation

95 Percent Of The Jobs Lost During The Recession Were Middle Class ...




Home prices resume slide across most capitals


Army Captain Sued by HOA Over Kids' Swing Set


Profits? With Real Estate, It's Not That Flippin' Easy


Short-sale firm Nationwide hit with HOA liens

Lawsuit: HOA Guards Threatened Tenants With Tasers, Stole Naked Pictures Over Foreclosure Miscommunication

Milwaukee property values see biggest drop in 30 years


Falling home prices drag new buyers under water


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