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USA: Nationwide
Median Home Price
30-Year History:
(includes new homes and resale)
Source N.A.R.
see chart

2010  $183,700* 
(*as of May 2010)
 2009  $177,900

 2008  $183,300
 2006  $221,900
2005  $219,000
2004  $195,200
 2003  $180,200
 2002  $167,600
 2001  $156,600
 2000  $147,300
 1999  $141,200
 1998  $136,000
 1997  $129,000
 1996  $122,600
 1995  $117,000
 1994  $113,500
 1993  $109,100
 1992  $105,500
 1991  $102,700
 1990   $97,300
 1989   $94,600
 1988   $89,300
 1987   $85,600
 1986   $80,300
 1985   $75,500
 1984   $72,400
 1983   $70,300
 1982   $67,800
 1981   $66,400
 1980   $62,200
 1979   $55,700
 1978   $48,700
 1977   $42,900
 1076   $38,100
 1975   $35,300
 1974   $32,000
 1973   $28,900
 1972   $26,700
 1971   $24,800
 1970   $23,000
 1969   $21,800
 1968   $20,100

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August 1, 2014

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realtor got license despite arrests


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July 21, 2014

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July 20, 2014
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International housing bubble is forming, IMF warns

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        June 20, 2014
homes sales

US Home Sales Seen Dropping First Time
in Four Years
Why is housing the big negative in consumer confidence?

HOA Fines Resident For Flying His 'American' Flag
US Home Prices Up 12.4 Percent Over Last Year
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More foreclosures, more middle-aged suicides, study finds
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Mass. sues Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac over foreclosures
San Francisco leads the country in home price gains
4 maps show exactly what happened after the housing crash
Just 10 states have a 'stable' housing market, report finds
3 Million Young People Missing From Housing Market?
Home flippers making biggest profits in surprising places
03 - 20 - 2014
Housing prices surpass bubble peak in some Southland ZIP Codes
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US Banks' $75 Billion Payout at Stake in Fed Tests
Will House Prices Rise in 2014?

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You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should.

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